Final press conference report of BOSS (Bosnian political party) for the year 2012


The president of BOSS Mirnes Ajanovic is warning that an objective analysis of the causes and consequences of a grave economic-political crisis in the previous year is resulting in the conclusion that the major cause of the problems in the country, on all government levels, personal-interest merciless struggle of the ruling political parties for the official positions, in which the citizens are daily casualties as a collateral damage. However, responsibility is ascribed to the citizens partially, including the ones who voted for the immoral ruling parties, as well as the citizens who were passive and did not go to the polls, not even in the previous year, thus complying with the ruling parties poll machinery deciding upon their destiny. The president of BOSS has pointed out that when the overall damage is estimated, which is done by the irresponsible authorities, its interest voting machinery and the abstinence of the more than a half voting subjects, it is palpable that in the year 2013, workers, pensioneers, the unemployed, demobilized soldiers and others who are not privileged and who do not benefit from government officials salaries are to expect even a worse state.

28th December 2012

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