BOSS translated evidence of election fraud and illegal election results into English and delivered it to foreign media and diplomats

After the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 2, 2022. published the final election results a day after the legal deadline, thereby legitimizing countless election thefts, protecting political crime and the perpetrators of the criminal offense of election fraud, BOSS publicly warned that CIK members committed a number of criminal offenses due to abuse of official position and negligent work in the service, and the president of BOSS, Mirnes Ajanović, addressed the public with a video presentation arguing the illegal actions of the CIK of BiH. Electoral fraud and knowingly changing the electoral will of citizens must not be forgiven and forgotten, because this would recognize the right of the electoral junta to act, as the legality of obtaining an election result, which is against democratic and civilized principles, of which the international public must also be aware, which must be also aware of the fact that the High Representative in BiH Christian Schmidt is complicit in destroying the integrity of the 2022 General Elections. In order to adequately present to the public all the circumstances in relation to the illegally published election results resulting from election theft and non-observance of legal deadlines, BOSS translated Mirnes Ajanović's video presentation “FINAL ELECTION RESULTS AND CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AGAINST THE CENTRAL ELECTION ORGANIZED CRIMINAL GROUP” and translated the official BOSS announcement into English, and delivered the same to foreign media and diplomatic missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that they could take the correct position in order to annul the illegal elections.

Press release dated November 2, 2022. translated into English:

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