Press Release – Analysis of the content of “dirty rain” with Saharan sand by the Institute of Chemical Engineering

Due to the great interest of the public abroad on the announcement of the Bosnian Party, which presented the chemical composition of the “dirty rain” with Saharan sand in Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which caused concern among many citizens due to increased metal concentrations in the rain, BOSS translated the press release about analysis into English and sent it to foreign media in order to further investigate this topic.

We remind you that the National Crisis Staff of BiH submitted to the Testing Laboratory of the Institute of Chemical Engineering Tuzla a sample of sand from the south of Tunisia and a sample of sand from Dobošnica Donja near Lukavac taken on April 7, 2022 after “dirty rain” rain, in order to perform a comparative analysis of real Saharan sand with sand in the rain, said lawyer Mirnes Ajanović, President of the BOSS-Bosnian Party.

The Institute of Chemical Engineering submitted the analysis on 24th of May 2022 under the number: 361-02/22 (725.40 KM was paid for the analysis), in which it was determined that there are 24 elements in the tested sample from BiH, and that in relation to the Rulebook on Determining the Quantity of Harmful and Dangerous Substances in the FBiH Land, the content of Arsenic, Barium, Nickel and Zinc was determined in a higher values than the permitted limit value. Compared to Saharan sand and Saharan sand from rain, dirty rain was found to contain Arsenic 44 times more, Barium 660, Nickel 2500, Zinc 64 and Iron 23 times more. Also, it was determined that the samples contain Aluminum in the sand from the Sahara 14.2 mg / kg, while the sand from dirty rain in BiH contains 10342 mg / kg, which is 728 times more Aluminum.

In order to reach the final conclusion on the cause of this chemical composition of dust after precipitation, it is necessary to perform additional analyzes from several different localities by order from the state institutions and with legally prescribed sampling procedures. President of BOSS, lawyer Mirnes Ajanović, has sent request to the Council of Ministers of BiH, with  Report of the Institute of Chemical Engineering, to immediately involve and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the terrain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including toxicological analysis of whether there has been an absorption in organisms, in order to obtain official results of analyzes and, if necessary, act in a timely manner in order to protect citizens and ecosystems.

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