on the occasion of the Report on an appreciably aggravating state in BiH, submitted by High Representative Valentin Inzko to the UN Security Council


The president of BOSS (Bosnian political party) Mirnes Ajanovic is greeting Valentin Inzko's Report submitted to the UN Security Council, indicating that, due to a negative ruling parties’ actions, there has been not only no progress towards Euro-Atlantic integrations and that the country is facing an aggravating fiscal situation, but also BiH Peace Agreement has been endangered. As opposed to the last year’s Report, from which presenting a truthful country state that has become the ruling parties’ private property was exempted, it is palpable that the anti-country activity radicalization due to SNSD (independent social democrats party) – SDP (social-democratic party) coerced the International Community officials to issue an explicit warning that the citizens have become hostages of the ruling political-mob extremists. After the warning on the situation in BiH, the UN Security Council is liable to ensure at least minimum prerequisites for an independent opposition media activity, aimed at procreating plausibility of withstanding the anti-country coalition.


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