The publication of the final election results based on obvious brutal election thefts and frauds transformed the Central Election Commission of BiH into the “Central Electoral Organized Criminal Group of BiH”, which resulted in the submission of a new criminal report to the Prosecutor's Office of BiH and SIPA for several committed criminal offenses by members of the CIK of BiH and other responsible persons, including the criminal offense of membership in an organized criminal group from Article 250 of the Criminal Code of BiH, and in connection with Articles 154. Electoral fraud, 29. Complicity, 30. Incitement and 31. Aiding, emphasized the president of BOSS Mirnes Ajanović.

The basis, among other things, for filing a criminal report against the members of the CIK of BiH and for the commission of a criminal offense from Article 220. Abuse of official position and authority and Article 224. Unconscionable work in the service – is contained in the Decision of the Court of BiH (number S1 3 Iž 044208 22 Iž of October 27, 2022) in which it is indicated, we quote: “It follows from the provisions of Article 2.10 of the BiH Election Law that the CIK can annul elections in an electoral unit or at a polling station only ex officio, and not at the request of a party, under the condition if he finds that there were irregularities during the voting or counting of ballots that may affect the results of the election.”, end quote.

According to the opinion of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the members of the CEC of Bosnia and Herzegovina are obliged to establish the reason for the declaration of half a million invalid ballots, and whether there were irregularities during the voting and whether the number of invalid ballots for some of the political parties was due to improper filling and whether it can affect the election result of that party, and if it is determined that the annulment of the election is an ex officio obligation.

The members of the CIK of BiH failed to annul the election in order to legitimize countless election thefts in order to protect political thieves, ignoring their own public statements that the elections should be annulled, that the results were impossible, that they received the results only after seven days (outside the two legal deadlines), that over 60 known ballot bags have disappeared, that destroyed, forged and photocopied ballot papers have been found, that the levels of voting in the bags have been mixed up and that they have been opened, that there are countless wrongly entered results, that according to their statements it is terrible what happened at the session of the CIK BiH, that they elected one, then another, and again the first candidate with obvious manipulation of the results, that there is no recount because they know what the results will be in the “five decks” if the recount would take place (acting as Baba Vanga), so they publicly apologized, promising that everything they did illegally or did not do legally would not be repeated, while forgetting to file criminal charges for election fraud, and they justified their own views that the elections should be annulled by saying that there is no money to repeat the elections, which is especially absurd in circumstances when all budgets are record full due to the extra profit of the state on high prices…

…and finally, the illegality of the Election is proven by the publication of the final results contrary to the Instructions on deadlines and the order of election activities, because the results of the 2022 Election could be announced no later than November 1, 2022.

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