Press release regarding the response of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH regarding the filed criminal charges against United Media, Nova BH, Telemach, RAK BiH and the Council of Competition of BiH

Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH Gordana Tadić informed BOSS that a statement was requested from the acting prosecutor who received the file regarding the criminal report related to the EURO 2020 TV broadcast, but that no action was taken in the meantime due to the short deadline between receiving the file and submitting the statement.
We once again appeal to the Prosecutor's Office of BiH to react as soon as possible to stop discrimination against citizens who cannot fully use leased cable services, because they are either locked during the broadcast of matches or are not part of the package due to monopoly activities of companies buying rights to broadcast sports competitions, emphasized Kenan Gutić, member of the Main Board of BOSS.

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