Press release on the fact that denying genocide and war crimes is a crime even in Serbia

Article 387, paragraph 5, of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia prescribes imprisonment from six months to five years for, we quote: “Whoever publicly approves, denies the existence or significantly reduces the gravity of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed against a group of persons or a member of a group determined on the basis of race, color, religion, origin, state, national or ethnic origin, in a manner that may lead to violence or incitement to hatred against such a group of persons or a member of that group, if these crimes are determined by a final judgment court in Serbia or the International Criminal Court, shall be punished by imprisonment for a term between six months and five years.”– “Sl. glasnik RS”, no. 85/2005, 88/2005, 107/2005, 72/2009, 111/2009, 121/2012, 104/2013, 108/2014, 94/2016 and 35/2019, end quote.

The Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia proves all the absurdity of the political shouting and whining of Milorad Dodik and other followers of genocide and war criminals who are trying to maintain their inhumanity with petitions of Belgrade citizens who have clearly distanced themselves from political monsters by law. By denying the law on denying genocide and war crimes, Milorad Dodik, Draško Stanivuković and others like them call for Serbian unity and the “Serbian world” by pursuing an isolationist policy for their people and creating a ghetto against the entire civilized world and even against Serbian citizens who have distanced themselves from denial of genocide and war crimes by law.

We must not forget their federal accomplices, especially the SDP mayors who recently publicly embraced and loved Mayor Draško who publicly supported the Chetniks and denied genocide and war crimes, thus proving their political immaturity and absolute inability to protect the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina. All of them must be deprived of any opportunity to decide on the lives and destinies of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next elections, warned Mirnes Ajanović, the president of BOSS.

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