Press Release – Embassies in BiH should demonstrate that the judgments of the Constitutional Court of BiH must be implemented

The announcements of some embassies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that they will apply discriminatory covid measures to employees who are citizens of BiH and act differently based on their vaccination status, represent the announcement of a new violation of the basic human rights of BiH citizens. We remind the responsible persons of the embassies that according to the same decisions requiring a covid test only for unvaccinated persons, the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ruled on February 23, 2022, based on the appeals of lawyer Mirnes Ajanović (AP 3932/21), that this violates the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European convention, with the indication that governments and crisis headquarters with epidemiological measures acted against the rule of law and the democratic order with a serious violation of human rights.

The president of BOSS, Mirnes Ajanović, has repeatedly warned publicly that the epidemiological measures against the coronavirus are illegal, especially in the part where unvaccinated persons are required to undergo tests, and the virus is transmitted by both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, and that conditioning employees’ right to work by vaccination or a test is a direct execution more criminal offenses and especially the criminal offense from Article 177 of the FBiH Criminal Code.

BOSS will now not specify which embassies are involved, but lawyer Mirnes Ajanović received a authorization to act in the protection of human rights based on the decision that from August 2, 2022, domestic persons will not be able to work if they do not submit a vaccination certificate or do the test , and we call on foreign and domestic responsible persons in embassies in BiH not to violate the decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH in relation to the citizens of BiH who work in those embassies – and thereby show domestic political parties, governments and crisis headquarters that the judgments of the Constitutional Court of BiH must be implemented and respected.

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